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Property Insurance
At Asset Insurance Brokers, we offer a full range of Insurance to meet all your needs. Homeowners, Renters, Seasonal Residence, Rented Dwellings, Farm and Acerages.

Broad Form (Mid Level) homeowners insurance – basic home and property insurance

Comprehensive Form (Highest Level) home owners insurance – Complete coverage for your home, contents, and all the little things we never think about, such as outside shrubs, trees and greenery, fire department charges, sewer back up, debris clean up, just to name a few of the extras.
Both home owners insurance policies include full liability coverage to protect your assets.


Multiple discounts are available from all the companies we represent including:
• New Home
• Claims Free
• Deductible Incentives
• Multiple Policy
• Security / Alarm
• Occupational
• Non Smoker
• Credit
• Age Credits
• Mortgage Free

​Renters Insurance​
This provides coverage for your possessions inside a property that you do not own. There are different levels of coverage available.  We work with you to determine what level of coverage is most suitable for you..​

Most people are unaware that there is a variety of levels of coverage available to homeowner's:

Home Owners Insurance
Your house may be one of the biggest assets you purchase in your life.  We help to make sure you have the right level of coverage to proct you properly.